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Here are the notes from todays lesson about CD Cover analysis:

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I am going to look at Music Video’s by the artist ‘Example’ as this is the artist that I will be creating a Music Video for. I will be taking notes their Music Videos, here they are below:

The Song that my group will be creating a video for is: Example- Watch the Sun Come Up. Here is the video below:

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The music video produced by the artist MIA has been banned from Youtube. It was deemed to be too graphic for the website and its users.

The music video however, gives good examples of collective identity and how it is used within the Media. Here below is the official Music Video that YouTube banned:

From watching the video, I think it is easy to understand why YouTube had to ban a video such as this one. There are many users of YouTube who would find this particular video disturbing and upsetting due to its explicitly. In the video, there are two main types of collective identity: Ginger Haired People and Soldiers. Women rarely feature throughout the video and man portray the main roles.

Ginger Haired People

In MIA’s video the red headed people are rounded up in a violent, threatening way. This represents these characters as being weak and having a certain sense of vulnerability – they are all powerless against the regime that is operating around them. At around the halfway point in the video the viewer sees a trio of ginger haired people who are trying to revolt against the soldiers and police- they are throwing bricks etc at a large vehicle that contains the red haired people who have already been ‘caught’. The vehicle carries on through the town while the attempts from the trio appear to go unnoticed – emphasising their weakness against the soldiers. Here we see a shot of the ginger people from inside of the vehicle they are all looking despondent as if they know that there is no hope for them, showing a sense of unity for the minority group. All of the ginger haired people are male and they are all represented as such – they are each wearing typically ‘male’ clothing: jeans, and shirts for example, this highlights their similarity to each other and in turn their similarity to other men of the same age. The video is shocking, our world is becoming desensitised to violence due to the fact that we hear about it all the time, the video shows a harsh sense of reality where we least expect it, we’ve all heard about the type of events that happen in wars etc due to religion- the video makes the viewer really understand how brutal such events are.



The Soldiers in the video are represented as the most powerful characters, their costume and actions are the main reason for this. They are extremely unnecessarily violent throughout the video and this is shown through their collective identity, the soldiers are wearing a uniform of entire black complete with a bullet proof vest, gloves and a gun – this emphasises their ‘black’ character and their apparent uncaring nature. On the upper arm of the soldier’s shirts, there is an American badge this could be seen to link to American violence denoting a significance that should come from the video. All of the shoulders are well built, they each have large muscles and a strong physique this is all part of their collective identity and makes the viewer note that they have the most authority in the situation – they have control.

The only female character throughout the entire film is naked, this could be representing how she is weak and just as vulnerable as the Ginger Haired people – is she next on the soldiers’ list? The only time she is featured is when she is seen in bed with a man – emphasising her vulnerability.

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Below is a copy of the letter we will send to the production company of Example “Watch the Sun Come up”

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are writing to you to request permission to develop a music video using music from the artist; Example. We are students at ‘The Coopers Company and Coborn School’ who are studying A Level media and as part of our coursework brief we are required to produce a music video to a song of our choice which will be examined in the summer of 2011.

We as a group felt that ‘Watch the sun come up’ by Example would be an excellent song choice to complete the task. We will create a narrative to match the upbeat tempo and the genre of the song.

 We look forward to hearing your reply,

Yours sincerely,

Alexandra Helsby, Molly Clifton and Rachel Helsby

(A Level Media Students)

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The phrase ‘Bond Girl’ usually spurs up an image of an attractive woman in beautiful clothes capturing the attention mainly of men but certainly of all those around her. A ‘Bond Girl’ it seems must fit certain criteria, such as; a ‘perfect’ body, beautiful hair, stunning features and usually wearing as little clothes as possible, this is true for both the past and newer ‘James Bond’ sequels.

Since the first ‘James Bond’ movie there have been gorgeous women taking a lead role in the narrative, these characters primarily were there to add a sexual context to the movie rather than as an aid to James Bond himself. The characters serve as a muse to the male characters and play their role effectively. In more recent ‘James Bond’ releases the main ‘Bond Girls’ have taken a more active role, for example working with the lead male to combat the ‘baddies’ and help ond succeed in his thrilling tasks.

Women in the film add a sexual aspect to the plot, as an example of this, in the first ‘James Bond’, ‘Dr No’ the main female character ‘Honey Rider’ emerges from the sea wearing a sexy bikini, here she catches the attention of male characters thus emphasising a woman’s main role in the films. In ‘Dr No’ Bond has to leave for urgent business in Jamaica but before he leaves we see him being ‘teased’ by a female character, here the woman is represented as attractive, intelligent and ‘sexy’. The female is wearing a dressing gown with full makeup – including bright red lipstick, this denotes certain sexual connotations to the male and indeed the viewers.

In certain ‘James Bond’ films, the female characters are used as more vital characters for the narrative. For example, in the James Bond films the ‘Bond Girls’ are used to help ‘Bond’ in his main mission; therefore they tend to have a more sophisticated role. These women still fit into the ‘Bond Girl’ criteria- attractive etc but they fulfil a more thrilling role in the film. These women are mainly found in the more recent ‘James Bond’ films such as ‘Casino Royale’ or ‘Quantum Of Solace’. In ‘Quantum of Solace’ the lead female is Olga Kurylenko, she acts as an agent and also as ‘James Bond’s’ love interest for the narrative of the film. Kurylenko is represented as a beautiful female who is almost a counterpart to Bond himself – a change to how females used to be represented in the Bond series.

Representations of ‘Bond Girls’ have changed over the years, they have changed from the simple female- sexy, beautiful, etc to a more accomplished character who is still sexy and beautiful, but now has smart and feisty characteristics to add to her personality. These representations have moved with the times – women now are more greatly valued than they once were previously and this is reflected in the ‘James Bond’ films.

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Below is a my PowerPoint Presentation where I speak about the Conventions Of A Music Video:

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