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This is our Evaluation

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As most of our filming was to be completed outside on a sunny day we had to film as soon as there was the slightest bit of sun. We knew it would be hard to pull off the effect of the music video being set in the summer as we know the English weather is so unreliable. However, we did have a few sunny days which we managed to film on and get most of our footage.

We filmed on various days, mainly the lip synching. This was quite easy as we had the words for our main actor to read through and match the the beat of the song. We had the song playing in the background which helped alot when matching the footage to the song during the edit. We tried to get a variety of shots, however if we were to film again we would take a tri-pod to use as a few of our shots were shakey due to the cold weather and windy days.

In our second location, the house we managed to get it filmed rather quick. We followed our storyboards quite well to know exactly what to film and from what angle. Although we filmed more than we needed this really helped during the editing to fill in empty parts of the video.

Our final location, the club was filmed on odd nights we managed to take the camera out with us. The location was very dark and hard to see what we were filming, however looked very effective with the flashing lights. We took alot of footage from various nights in different clubs to match together. Because the lighting was so dark, we cut up the footage alot to just show the lighter parts so the audience are able to see what is going on in the shot. Again we had a variety of shots of people dancing, close ups, mid shots, long shots and establishing shots to capture the whole mise en scene of the location.

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    • Story is important – Boy moping in the park, makes sense
    • Beginning bit (first few seconds) works really well – Very fashionable editing technique, fun and wacky and used in other music videos
    • First half has really good cutting to the beat
    • Good Continuity throughout
    • Likes the small story involved
    • Sun going across Tom’s face is good
    • Cross fades link the story together more – the phone bit
    • Loves the party/club footage
    • Likes the split screens, shows more going on


  • Doesn’t like the close up of Tom’s lips – stands out too much
  • Some cutting to the beat isn’t exactly on the beat (‘sloppy’ editing – example at Molly in bed at 0.51 and Tom walking away from the bench)
  • The sun crossing Tom’s face is over used
  • At 1.20, the lighting going bright and dark (showing day and night) doesn’t work looks like the camera is broken
  • Tom in the tree doesn’t make sense, why is he in the tree?

Improvements that could be made:

  • Make sure every change of shot is to the beat (exactly on the beat as some are not quite on it)
  • Get rid of Night and day footage
  • Go back to the park and do more shots like the opening sequence shots (variety of shots) – the tree shot will make more sense if we see him in the trees more or standing looking up at the tree before he ends up in the tree.
  • Do more interesting stuff with the camera – swing the camera in a plastic bag or cloth with tom in the background
  • Use the music and beat of music more for ideas with camera work
  • Make the bench shots more interesting – Film Tom in different positions on the bench (lying on it, hanging off it, sitting on top of it) keeping the camera on a tripod in the same position then change the movement to the beat of the music, showing passing of time? And make the shots more lively
  • Film Tom from different angles or shots all the way around him and put all the shots together to the beat of the music.
  • Zoom into the mouth lip-synching to make it look less ‘frightening’

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